B Corporation

We are passionate about our business being a force for good, that is why we are B Corporation certified for Nurture Brands and across our brands. Like all B Corps, we balance purpose and profit and have been rigorously assessed by B Lab on the impact our business decisions have on workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment to achieve the certification.

“B Corp certification proves that we never settle for anything less than the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.”

 - Ben Arbib, Founder and Owner of Nurture Brands

Rebel Kitchen first joined the B Corp community in 2017 with a score of 80.8. In 2021, as Nurture Brands, we not only recertified but improved our score to 88.5. We know that recertifying in 2024 will be the hardest approval process yet but it’s a challenge we’re ready to accept. With the help of B Lab, we have some great guidance on areas we can improve to make sure we can better our score and the work has already begun. 

Nurtured Team

Since day one, we have built an exceptional team with a diverse mix of extensive FMCG and StartUp experience and graduate roles, working and learning together to nurture positive choices.

We know a happy, healthy team can achieve more which is why we have many employee practices in place to make our community and culture a positive place to work.

Wellbeing & Engagement

Including annual employee satisfaction surveys, volunteering, office gym facilities and cycle to work scheme

Personal & Professional Development

Such as bi-annual reviews and discovery insights training for every employee

Flexible Work Structure

Including unlimited holiday as well as a office and working from home balance

Celebrate Success

Annual Nurture Brands awards and regular company socials

As part of our B Corp assessment, we also measured on community areas such as inclusivity and diversity. This provides us with the awareness and motivation to continually improve our actions in the workplace with training and development, unbiased recruitment and open communication.


We live by our values every day, for the work we do and our people too.

  • Push Boundaries

    Never settle and question the norm

  • Grow Together

    The team can achieve more

  • Do It Right

    Be open, play fair & keep promises

  • Inspire Others

    Passion for our purpose

  • Keep in Balance

    Be kind to yourself & your environment